Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Week 3: The Three Billy Goats Gruff


This week the children explored the fairy tale " The Three Billy Goats Gruff". The children had to recall what happened in the story using information about the setting and the characters. They painted a scene then had to place the characters in the correct sequence that they came across the bridge. This week we had to look out for the big, smelly and ugly troll. 

-We built different types of bridges and sculptures  in our construction area. 

-We looked at the letter sound  'Rr'

-We played relays with rackets

-We helped the big kids rake the garden. 

-We made princess and superhero rings

-We viewed the story 'Rose meets Mr Wintergarden', and talked about safety and the importance of knowing our neighbours, street address and house number. We made our own houses.  The children learnt  never to give their information away to someone who they don't trust... especially the big bad wolf. 

-We acted out the story of the week using masks, props and the song by Peter Combe, called " The Billy Goats Gruff".

...and just had fun with our mates in between the rain showers

It's show time with Kindy Red ! 

Love Mrs Sweeny, Mrs Beatty and Miss Horrocks.  

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Comprehension Packs!

This term the Kindies will be receiving a story book from the school to take home that will aim to  develop their comprehension and language skills. Most importantly a love for storybooks. This is the process- 

- The Comprehension Packs will be given out on a Tuesday for Kindy Blue and a Wednesday for Kindy Red when they are all brought back on the Monday they come to Kindy.  

- Please make sure the books are brought back each MONDAY they come to Kindy ready to be swapped over after a fortnightly cycle. If you bring it back earlier that's ok we will keep it until swap over day. 

- In your child's comprehension pack they will receive: A story book and a set of questions (and answers to the questions) on a separate laminated page. 
- If your child did not read the book, it still must be returned as our librarian changes all of the packs and does not have any spares if one is forgotten. 
- If your child is sick, please endeavor to bring it to school with a sibling or another parent as it can affect the whole class if one book is not brought back. 

Obviously the stories are too difficult for your child to read so please make this a special time that you can enjoy together. Some books are just picture books and do not have any words. 

Below is an example of what the packs will look like and what they will have in them.

Please look after them.

From Miss Horrocks. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Weeks' 1-2

This is our new mat time hello song. It has actions, feelings and even Mr Lee makes an appearance to say hello. 

The children were involved in an oral recount of their holidays. They included an illustration.  

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

After reading the big shared book  " Goldilocks and the Three Bears",  we discussed concepts of  big, middle size and small, we also talked about manners and respecting other people's property. The biggest moral of the story learnt was don't go into a stranger's house. 

Goldilocks' character portrait- She was pretty, happy and had blonde curly hair, 

however, she needed to say sorry. 

Sorting and matching different sizes;The children even got to put real porridge into the bowls. YUM! 

We had fun acting out the characters with some masks. 

" Someone has been eating my porridge"

Name formations using different textures: Smooth, hard, soft, rough and bumpy.

The Three Little Pigs 

After reading the big shared book " The Three Little pigs", we discussed the four characters and the children were involved in play and activities to recall what happened in the fairy tale. 

... but watch out for the big bad wolf.

The children were able to recall the three main parts of the story using collage materials. 

Making a house of sticks

Making a house of bricks 

Acting out the story 

The three houses

Letter C brainstorm: The children loved Miss Horrock's picture of a camel. 

Love Miss Horrocks.