Monday, 19 July 2021

Term 3 show and tell

Parent roster is up for this Term. I've just blocked out the first three weeks as Term 3 is usually the hardest to settle back in after the holidays and so parent roster will commence in Week 4. Thank you for your support. There is one pupil free day on a Friday this Term. Kindy Red I apologise for this inconvenience.  

Dear parents,

The time has come for our favourite activity... NEWS time. Each child will have a go at telling or showing some news. Each child will have a chosen day which is on a fortnightly cycle ( every second week). The  chosen day will remain the same throughout the term. I will send messages out the first few rounds to get parents use to this schedule. It will begin Week 2 on Tuesdays- Fridays. 

e.g Your child may be on  Weeks  2   4  6  8    or  

                                           Weeks  3 5  7  9.   This means they will have four goes each before the end of term. 

Please help your child come up with three bits of information about their object- based news or their event-based news.
eg.   When Where What Who 

        When Where What Who colour parts etc.

This is an elephant
I got it from K mart
it is grey
It has a trunk and four legs. It can walk and play in the jungle.

Your child might need a post stick note with some information on it sent in with their news to help support their memory. It's always a good idea to bring in the item in a library bag or a coles bag. 

Please no toy weapons, beanie boos or electronics.

Thank you . 

Sunday, 18 July 2021

Welcome back to Term 3

 Welcome back to Term 3 everyone. Hope all the kindies had a great holiday and kept healthy and safe. I know I did!

                       Miss Horrocks enjoying the Broome weather and sunset. 

Kindy Blue have the very first Monday 19/7/21. Don't forget to check yearly calendar for this information. 

What did your Kindy child get up to? Can you help them remember somewhere they went and what did they did to start our holiday recounts off. It’s ok if they stayed home you can discuss games that they played, movies they watched or family dinners they had.

A big congratulations to Riley and the Cooper family for the arrival of baby Remy ( sorry for wrong spelling) at the beginning of the holidays.

Another big congratulations to Asher, Annie and the family for the arrival of baby Sammy Fox. Wow both of our OLC Kindy families sure are growing. 

We also want to welcome two more families to Kindy Red. We have new friends Bodhi and Isabella joining us this term. Let’s make them feel welcome.  

We will be starting show and tell this term. Stay tuned for your child’s roster.

Your child will also get the chance to take a comprehension pack home fortnightly for story time at home.

We are going to be focusing on favourite fairy tales and make believe this term… Goldilocks, Three little pigs, the Gingerbread Man and The Three Billy goats Gruff. We better not forget Father/Pop day to add to Term 3's events. 

Also fingers cross for reasonable good weather to carry out our Cape Kaya excursion with Josh Whiteland. 

See you all Monday and Wednesday  ready for Term 3. Don’t forget hats, pillows, drink bottle, fruit snacks and lunch.

XMiss Horrocks.

Week 10 Aussie creatures

Giday Parents.

This week the children learnt about animals that are unique to our Australian bush. 

God made all the creatures. God made you and me. God made or the creatures from the ground and in the trees.  God made or the creatures. He made them everyone. God made or the creatures under the hot Australian sun. 

The children enjoyed singing along to this song to learn to appreciate all the animals unique to Australia. 

The children also enjoyed learning the song " Gumtree family" by Justine Clarke.

We used this action song for indoor fitness. 


The children learnt about Australian mammals and marsupials. Don't forget to ask your child " What a baby echidna is called?  

After reading the story ' Puggle', we made Echidnas out of clay and counted out 10-20 spines to put on them. The children learnt some special facts about the animals. 

A baby echidna is called a puggle 
It has a long snout and long tongue to pick up termites, 
A baby echidna comes from an egg. A baby echidna drinks milk from it's mother. 
Echidna's are monotremes. 

Baby kangaroos and Koalas are called joey's. They drink from their mother's pouch. 

We celebrated each unique Australian animal by creating a piece of artwork similar to the paintings found in the book called  " Linda Jackson's Rainbow Menagerie". 

Indoor fitness: in this photo the children are up to the slithering snakes in the song. 

We even made a crunchy munchy stew just like the friends and the Dingo made in the story Wombat Stew. This was another popular story of the week. The children had to remember the recipe in the story by making a collage wombat stew and also a stew made from items found in the Kindy playground. 

We practiced some letter formations in our sand boxes.

We finished meeting our Kimochi dolls; Huggtapus, Cat and Bug. 


        Sorting game with Aussie animals                               Making wombat stew 

Now we are ready for  a much needed rest as we head into the holidays. What an extraordinary 11 week Term we have had  learning, growing and playing with our friends. 

Over and Out. 

Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Keeping safe program


This week, the children will be learning protective behaviours through the program Keeping Safe. Over this week and after the holidays, we will be talking to the children about:

Children need to learn (at an age and developmentally appropriate level):

• the concept of personal space and how this is different for different people
• correct anatomical names of sexual body parts
• the whole body is private 
• appropriate and inappropriate touching. No one has the right to touch any part of our body without permission. 

"From the head down to my toes. I say what goes." 

Both Kindy classes will be taking part in the Keeping Safe lesson about personal space and body parts. We will be reading stories and emphasising the fact that all parts of their body are private. I understand that the children may laugh and giggle when we talk about the anatomical names, but this is important for every child to know.

Recent research shows that knowing the anatomically correct language terms enhances children’s body image, self-confidence, and openness. 

This is in conjunction with the Child Protection Curriculum which has been mandated in all schools in Western Australia.

Please find the lesson outline below if you feel you need to discuss this with your child. 

Obviously in Kindy we don't label the body parts like the older students, but I use a  doll to show and explain the parts of the body during a mat session followed by an appropriate story. 

The story is  " Everyone has a Bottom". This story is about a boy, his family and his parents talking to him about body safety. The boy and little girl in the story learnt about the names for their private parts and what is appropriate touching. One of the concepts discussed is about bath time. The Kindies learnt that it's ok for people who we trust to see our bodies at bath time if we need help looking after them. They also learnt that's it's ok  to say " I don't need any help".  It was important for the children to remember that " from the head down to my toes. I say what goes". 

If you have any quires don't hesitate to come in and see me.

Miss Horrocks. 

Thursday, 24 June 2021

Week 8 and Week 9: On the Farm


In week's 8 and 9, Kindy Blue and Kindy Red moved on to learning about farm animals and why having farms are so important. 

First we brainstormed  all about the animals and objects that you can find on a farm.  The song " The Farmer in the Dell" taught us about all the hard work you have to do on a farm to get all the daily jobs done.  The children had to choose their favourite farm animal and we put them onto a graph. 

The songs " Old MacDonald" and the Dingle Dangle Scarecrow were big hits on the Kindy dance floor for indoor fitness. 

In literacy, we read the story " The Little Red Hen". The kindies explored ways to remember parts of a story; the beginning, the middle and the end. We had to read the story a couple of times and we acted out the story with felt pieces. 

We made scones just like the  little red hen made bread in the story. Luckily the children all said they would help. It was great having good helpers not like the friends in the story who didn't want to help the little red hen. 

The children made a story map of the main parts of The Little Red Hen. The children took them home so they could read the story to their Mum and Dad. 

We designed a dinner plate from all the fresh produce you can get from a farm. Maybe there were a few treats like ice-cream added for dessert. 

We played in the farmers market.  

We even pretended to milk a cow just like they do on a dairy farm. 

Next we looked at the farm story " Rosie's Walk" by Pat Hutchins. This time we viewed the story on you tube. The children learnt many  words that help describe where somebody or something is. We call these positional language words.  

Have  a look at our maps we drew of the story, remembering all the things that Rosie did on her walk. 

She  went   around     over     under    past   through  and   across. 

To remember the story we made an obstacle course, acted out the story with props and  played a word bingo game. The children enjoyed watching the sly fox try to catch Rosie in the story. 

This week we learnt the letter T and the sound that  it makes. 

T  for  tiger 

We made towers on the new mat. 

'Blippi' came to the rescue one raining day and taught us how clothes are made from wool from a sheep. That was very interesting. The children also got to see how a combined harvester works and how to make real yummy bread. 

What a busy week we had learning about farms.