Sunday, 11 March 2018

Nursery Rhymes in Kindy Week 3-5

Over the last three weeks in Kindy not only have the children become so clever at their daily routines they have been so brave at trying many new things. They have been leaving Kindy to go to music in the hall, sport with Mrs Sinclair and fun in the new library with Mrs Meyer. In these classes they do lots of movement to keep their growing bodies happy and healthy.

In class we have had lots of fun with our favourite Nursery Rhymes. We have looked at 'Ba Ba Black sheep' and our counting songs such as 'Five Little ducks', 'Once I caught a fish alive' and Five Little Monkeys. Come in and see their five little ducks  that they made to get clever at their early counting skills.  I think they liked the Ba Ba black sheep song the best because the sheep were a little bit cheeky and ate too much grass.

Some words we come across in our day are very  tricky to say. The children have been learning to listen to the sounds and beats in their words. We call this syllabification. You might observe your child at home patting their head and shoulders, which we use these actions to hear our beats in a word. e.g It's a zeb/ra. It's a but/ter/fly, It's a tur/tle.  

On our Mondays we have been looking at how special and unique we all are. It's Ok to like different things, Its ok to be short, It's ok to be tall, It's ok to have different coloured eyes and hair.
"I am special as special as can be,
no one in the world is just like me".

The children have been observing themselves in mirrors, making faces out of loose parts and play dough and even drawing their own self portraits. They all look so unique up on the wall. They didn't want to forget their eyes, nose, mouth , ears, hair and even eye lashes.

They are getting so clever at listening to and recognising their written name. The children have to play a name game every morning when they walk in. The children are getting clever at finding the first letter of their names.

We know our language and early literacy learning is a big part of our day but so is our play and friends time. The children get numerous opportunities to choose and explore in many stations set up for the day and week to promote healthy and happy interactions.

Look at us working hard at our play...

                                             HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAX AND HAYDEN!

Kimochi Dolls:So far we have met Lovey Dove in Kindy. Lovey dove teaches us to use our friendly signals and show kindness.      

One day our Year One friends came in to act out a story for us. 

Wow time is flying by... see you all for Week 7.