Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Under the Sea: Weeks 5 and 6

Here are our new sea theme learning stations.

Fun exploring with water, shells, sand and sea creatures...

Rainbow experiment 

"OOh I see yellow Miss Horrocks"

"ooh I see red"

"Its a rainbow Miss Horrocks" 

   " the colours are reaching the middle" 

Clean up time didn't go so well  on Tuesday! Arrgh! Maddie had a spider in her shoe. I think I know now why she didn't want to put her shoes on. 

We love finding creepy crawlies in Kindy ( maybe the children not the teacher so much )  

 It was a lovely 30 degrees. We made sure we brought our hats and sunscreen to the beach. 

Wow we even had a water slide!  

The surf was a bit rough this day 

Sunbaking time