Wednesday, 2 May 2018

KIndy Red coloured days


Dear Kindy Red Parents,

We are celebrating colours in Kindy over the next couple of weeks. Your child can wear the chosen colour clothing/socks and accessories to school. Please refer to the timetable below to know what colour is chosen for each Kindy day. We are having a slight delayed Mother’s Day in Kindy due to our speech therapy assessment.

Begins Week 3:
16th May  Wednesday: RED
18th Friday:   YELLOW and/or ORANGE

Week 4:
21st Monday: BLUE and/or GREEN
23rd Wednesday:  PURPLE and/or PINK (MOTHERS DAY IN KINDY @ 9.10am) 
25th Friday:   BROWN

Week 5:
30th  Wednesday: BLACK AND WHITE  
1st June  Friday: RAINBOW DAY!!!!!

Have fun getting dressed each morning!