Monday, 16 July 2018

Welcome back to Term 3

Term Three Already!

Welcome back! Can you believe that we are now half way through our Kindy year?  
I hope that you have all had a lovely break.  I certainly have! The weather in Bali was amazing.  Thank you again for your support with meeting up  with me at the end of last term about your child's progress. We should all be refreshed for another busy term  together of  exploring, discovering,wondering,questioning,playing, creating, growing and developing.  

Term Three is a time when we step up the learning yet again. We are starting off with exploring animals from habitats from around the world; on the farm, in the jungle and from the African safari. 

Then we will move onto looking at our favourite fairy tales. 

We will also be spoiling our dad's later this term, to celebrate Father's day.  

So far this year we have worked on,
 1. Listening to and discriminating different sounds and learning what beats ( syllables) we hear in short and long words e.g but/ter/fly. 
 2. Listening to rhyme in stories, songs and chants.   
 3. Recognising and saying some of our letter sounds. We have already begun learning our  S A T P I N order. Then we will move on to our next group of letter sounds.  
4. As we are learning how to listen to and say the sounds, we are also learning what the letter symbol looks like and how it is formed. In kindy, we like to form the letters using our big hand movements first with  paint brushes.... start at the top, then a long line and a line through the middle. In this way, we are incorporating our whole bodies to practise and reinforce the formations of each letter. It's challenging for a 4 year old to learn every formation correctly and recall the letter sounds immediately, but please remember, Kindy is a time for that important early exposure to many readiness skills and giving each child that little head start to their formal education. 

When our news roster is back on in week 2, I would love your child to bring in any photos, talk about any experiences or bring in items focusing on the theme of animals. 

In mathematics, not only will we continue to practise our early counting and number recognition skills, we will be doing more exploring with measurement and classification such as floating and sinking, comparing length and height of animals, making comparisons; such as, is the object heavier than, lighter than, long, short, big, tall, small and empty or full. 

....... and of course lots of purposeful play and hands on experiences with the use of rich language as the wintery months continue. 

WOW! this term it is going to be a rumble in the jungle! 

-Clean hat
-Water bottle
- long hair tied up
 -If your  child chooses to wear gumboots, can they pack some trainers. 
- And a big hug for me, Mrs Sweeny and Mrs Jackson. 

See you all for week one and more Kindy fun. 

 Love Miss Horrocks.