Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Kindy Red's sport clinic and Mission Markets

Last week for sport, Kindy Red were lucky enough to have  a visit from two professional basketball players to teach us some skills of the game. The Kindies were amazed how tall the two girls were. They looked like giants up against the children. 

This photo is my favourite! Thank you Mrs Sinclair for organising the visit. 


Kindy Red also get to be involved in the mission markets in WEEK 5, the 15th of August. Can they bring in a bag of lollies or a small toy such as a pencil, eraser or toy car etc to help the Year One's store. Please bring them in before this date. Then the children will get to go shopping. Can they bring in a clear sandwich bag with some coins ( no more then 5 dollars) with a carry bag on Wednesday the 15th of August. 

The mission markets help celebrate OLC feast day and to raise money for less fortunate families. 

Thank you, 

Rainbow Room.