Monday, 6 August 2018

WEEK 3: Farm to Plate

This week the  children viewed an educational video about a visit to a diary farm, a sheep farm and watched eggs being collected from a chicken coop.  The children were learning the importance of resources we can get from our farms.

The children then got to see and feel what it is like to milk a cow and even made their own butter like real farmers.

Thankfully our farms have had some rain in the last few weeks. The children know it's a bit scary on windy and rainy days at school, but now they know that we need rain for our farms. The children have been helping Miss Horrocks check the rain gauge each morning.

 This is the way we shake our cream, shake our cream, shake our cream, this is the way we shake our cream, early in the morning.

" Miss Horrock's it's turning yellow"

" it's becoming heavier"

" I hear it shaking"


This is the way we milk the cow...

We have been learning about positional words that help describe actions and movements. The children listened to the story  "Rosie's Walk" by Pat  Hutchins. The best way to remember our stories is to act out the story to remember the sequence in order. 

Here is Rosie and the Fox going ...
- across the yard
-around the pond
-over the haystack
- past the mill
- through the fence
- under the beehives. 

What a fun week to end our unit on farm animals. Next week we are leaping into the safari and jungle.