Monday, 25 February 2019

Humpty Dumpty and Incy Wincy

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales and nursery rhymes. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales and nursery rhymes- Albert Einstein

Singing nursery rhymes and songs to children can help develop their language and communication skills from an early age.Introducing children to a variety of nursery rhymes can help them understand and learn about different sounds. This is an important part of developing those early literacy skills.

The last couple of weeks in Kindy, we have been looking at  popular nursery rhymes. 


                                         SPIDERMAN DRESS UP TIME!  

                                      Where's Wally.... Where's Spiderman 

                            HUMPTY DUMPTY SAT ON THE WALL...



                         Making Healthy Humpties so he is strong enough not to fall off his wall. 

We had to stop our play one day to look after some jumping grass hoppers 

Fun on the teacher whiteboards  

What  do  I look like?   

Miss Horrocks "  I made  ten  eyes".   

Incy  Wincy  Spider 

Incy Wincy went up the water spout. 

We  read  the very busy spider  and made  our own  class web with all our friends.

                           KINDY  RED'S SPIDER WEB 

Learning that spiders have eight legs.  The children had ago at  counting to 4 on each side of Incy's body. 

Sometimes the children like to be creative and put 10 or 20 legs on  :) 

See you all next week for  Baa Baa Black Sheep.

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Public Holiday

Dear Parents, 

The public holiday is on Monday the 4th of March. No school on this day. 

Kindy Red have the  following Monday on March the 11th. 

The upper school are practising cross country in the mornings for daily fitness so please be mindful of this when leaving from the bottom gravel carpark.  

Thank you, 

Miss Horrocks. 

Monday, 11 February 2019


Dear Parents,

Just helping with anymore confusions. Everything went well for our first full day.  I don't expect any fancy fruit containers just a small one we can fit in their name tray ( just like the picture shown below). It's a bit tricky if the children are having to jungle to many containers. 

Then lunchbox/bento box can stay in their school bag until lunch. 

Thank you 

Rainbow Room 

First day as a big Kindy Red Kid

Wow! What an amazing start Kindy Red have had to the year. The children are being champions during gathering time, knowing where to put all their belongings. Thank you parents for being so organised with labelling everything. 

Getting to know our new environment and eachother :  

The children have been busy exploring,finding their feet and meeting new friends in our morning and afternoon groups. 

This week we have been singing songs, reading stories about the first day of school, learning new routines, painting, creating collages and choosing stations that as I like to say to the children, 
" where would you like to choose to play/work to try to find your smile".  Sometimes this means heading to the same area that feels comfortable , a child might head off by themselves or alongside others and then as soon as they feel more confident and given the time they are playing, talking and laughing with a small group of friends. 

Everyday is a new day, different interests arise and as soon as a friend comes up with a great game, we all want to be involved. 

This week Kindy Red have loved using the paints, play dough, playing on the swings, riding the bikes and being busy in the home corner.

Well done Kindy Red on your terrific start to 2019. 

Check out our first week fun!  I forgotten how challenging it is to capture moments on the run haha! 

We had fun doing our Kissing hand for Mum and Dad. 

On our first Friday we went for a tour around the big school to visit places like the Hall, office and library.