Wednesday, 6 February 2019

First day as a big Kindy Blue kid

Wow! What an amazing start Kindy Blue have had to the year. The children are being champions during gathering time, knowing where to put all their belongings. Thank you parents for being so organised with labelling everything. 

Getting to know our new environment and eachother :  

The children have been busy exploring,finding their feet and meeting new friends in our morning and afternoon groups. 

This week we have been singing songs, reading stories about the first day of school, learning new routines, painting, creating collages and choosing stations that as I like to say to the children, 
" where would you like to choose to play/work to try to find your smile".  Sometimes this means heading to the same area that feels comfortable , a child might head off by themselves or alongside others and then as soon as they feel more confident and given the time they are playing, talking and laughing with a small group of friends. 

Everyday is a new day, different interests arise and as soon as a friend comes up with a great game, we all want to be involved. 

Today was all about the toy animals, washing clothes in the washing machine ( also some food items). I'm hoping this game does not get practised at home:).   

The biggest hit was the car wash. One child started cleaning and scrubbing the cars. Another child started lining the cars up. Then I asked the children if they had been to the Busselton car wash with the bubbles. Before we knew it we made an actual car wash out of a chair. 

As a teacher... these are my favourite moments to observe. 

Well done Kindy Blue on your terrific start to 2019. 

Check out our first day fun!  I forgotten how hard it is to capture moments on the run! 

 Don't forget your hat! 

              "Look  what I can do Miss Horrocks"

                         Who wants some mint and rosemary tea? 

 Francisco had his birthday on the first day of Kindy. Happy birthday Cisco!  

                                      Picnic time!  

                                             CAR WASH TIME! 

Who likes pineapple on pizza!  

Very proud that the magnets could make a kitten! 

Can't wait to see more magical first week moments on Thursday!

xxxMiss Horrocks