Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Under the sea Weeks 5-7 and a big Welcome to Maxwell

After reading the  story" There's a Commotion in the Ocean" the Kindies designed their own under water picture. The children were able to tell their teachers what their favourite sea creature from the story was.

I like the stingray- Beau

I like the Seahorse- Kai 

I like the shark- Wyatt

I like the stingray and dolphin- Liam 

I like the turtle and whale- Emma 

I like the cuttlefish- Mackenzie 

I like the humpback whale- Ned

We had to use many interesting words such as seaweed, coral, sand, waves, gills, ocean and the deep water when talking about and designing our pictures.  

Making the water pattern was the fun part...

Rainbow Fish 

This week we have also been learning to be kind  like  the Rainbow Fish. The Rainbow Fish  needed a little help first to know how to be a nice friend.

As a class we talked about... 
-The best present to give a friend is to be kind.
-Sharing is caring.
- It's ok to feel sad and mad sometimes but it's not ok to hurt someone.  

We made rainbow fish and shared our shiny scales.

Sea creature sensory tuff trays for exploration: 

The children even created their own game to see if the sea sponges would stick on the wall. Some of the children decided to make their own pictures with their sponges.  Imagination is a powerful tool!  

Seaweed  spaghetti   fun  

A big welcome to Maxwell and his family to Kindy Red. We are so lucky to have a friend like Max come join us. 


 Learning our 1:1 counting principle

Rainbow names

Rainbow Science experiment with sun and water 

God made special me and I can look after my body: 

I love how the children's drawings were all individual.  

Who Sank the boat by Eric Carl 

Learning about the properties of air, water and different weights.

We had many mini scientists on this day to help solve the problem. 

All the Kindies sank the boat...

Fun with learning our syllables and beats (parts) in our words. First we had to do say many sea animal names then we played a game using gems to record how many beats each picture word had.

We have  many clever Kindies stepping into their early literacy learning already! Who would of thought we could do it whilst we play.