Tuesday, 7 May 2019

News Roster

Dear Parents, 

That exciting time has come that I know all parents love!  Drum roll...Show and Tell in Kindy.....

Your child's chosen day is pinned up on the Parent information board. A hard copy will be sent home.

We are starting Show and Tell in Week 3. No children will be scheduled for Mondays. Show and tell for your child will be on the same day across the Term, however, every fortnight. 

For example; So if your child is on the first Tuesday of Week 3 they won't have their next turn until Tuesday in Week 5. 

Your child's news roster may say week's 3,5,7 and 9  or...
Your child's news roster may say week's 4,6,8 and 10. 

Your child can choose ONE object ( toys, photos, books etc) from home or some telling news to bring in on their news day.  Please can you help your child prepare 3 bits of information about their news e.g.
Where it is from?
What it does or what parts it has?
What colour is it?
 Who gave it to them?
Why do they love it?  etc  etc  


Please discourage bringing in electronics or types of weapon toys. 

Thank you for your support in this activity that the children absolutely love and gain so much from. 

Learning the Alphabet

In Kindy this term, we are also learning our alphabet letter sounds. We are focusing on our first group of letters from the Diana Rigg Oral Language and Literacy program. 

These are:   
S as in snake  
A as in apple  
T as in tiger  
P  as in pop
  I  as in itchy 
N  as in nose. 

We will be focusing on the  " S" letter sound first. 

Alphabet Sounds - why this is important for literacy

The children will have opportunities to see the sound, hear the sound and feel the sound during hands-on experiences. Later on when the children have a grasp of what sounds the letters make then the children will concentrate on learning the written formation of the letters. 
(Beginning steps first are important!)

Please read this link below about why the letter sounds ( d..oh..g)  are of important emphasis rather then the ability to recall letter names 
( ABC).   

:)  Miss Horrocks