Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Term 3 Comprehension Packs

Dear Parents, 

The Kindy children have been very fortunate to be apart of  the comprehension pack programme this year, that runs in all early childhood years at OLC. The children will be receiving a  story book each week  from the school that will go home  that aims to build and develop your child's comprehension and other important readiness skills.

What could be a better experience then snuggling up to Mum or Dad and sharing a story book together. 

This is the process involved:

- The Comprehension Packs will be given out on a Thursday each week for Kindy Blue and a Friday for Kindy Red. Your child can have it for five days. 
- The Books are required to be back by the following Tuesday of each week for Kindy Blue and Wednesday for Kindy Red.

- In your child's comprehension pack they will receive: A story book and a set of questions (and answers to the questions) on a separate laminated page. 
- The Comprehension Packs can be returned as soon as you and your child have finished reading the book and answering the questions. 
You may want to enjoy in just reading the story to your child the first night. Then over the next few days, you can ask the questions from each page as you look over it again together. 
- Your child's book  must be returned as our librarian changes all of the packs and does not have any spares if one is forgotten. 
- If your child is sick, please endeavor to bring it to school with a sibling or another parent as it can affect the whole class if one book is not brought back. 

Please keep in mind that this is a special time that a parent can read to their child to model and promote a love of reading. At this age their is no pressure for a Kindy child to be part of the actual reading process. 

The Kindies will need some parental guidance to help care for and look after their book and to make sure it is returned to Kindy on the right day. Please, Let's look after them as it's such a rewarding experience to be continued throughout your child's schooling years.  

Below is an example of what the packs will look like and what they will have in them.

Thank you for your support,

Miss Horrocks.