Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Letter sounds this Term

At the end of  Term 2 , the children were exposed to their first 6 letters sounds. Have a LOOK at our class brainstorms. You might see your child's name on the poster.  The children learn that they can found the letter sound at the beginning of their name or  have the letter inside their name. The letter 'P' was our favourite. The children found many words starting with this sound. It might of  been the pyjamas and popcorn that motivated the children. A Kindy child even came up with the word pegasus.

This Term  we have moved on to our  second group of  letter sounds. 

M- Mix

R-  rabbit

E- egg 

C- car/cat  

d-   dig

h- hot/horse 

We have been enjoying teaching these sounds as we are learning all about the farm. 

Stay tuned for  details about our  farm excursion coming up in Week Five.