Sunday, 4 August 2019

Mission Markets for Kindy Blue

Mission Markets for Kindy Blue 

Next Thursday the 15th of August, the whole school is apart of  Mission Market day to raise money for the less fortunate. 

The Kindies will have the opportunity to go to the markets to buy some goodies. They will need a small purse/sandwich bag with some coins ( no more than 5 dollars) and a re-usable bag. 

From now until next week if any families have some used toys that they would like to donate to the markets, that would be greatly appreciated. Also if  you would like to donate a small bag of goodies e.g  stickers, pencils, cars, erasers etc, this will help out the Year 4's lucky dip bags. 

Kindy Red get Book Week dress up this Term instead. 

Thank you  Rainbow Room.